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Do You Need 20% down to Buy a Home?

A 20% down payment is ideal, but there are other options out there. Do you have to put 20% down to buy a house? The answer is no, but putting 20% down is ideal for many reasons. Two main reasons are that your interest rate will be ...

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Have You Considered New Construction?

Discussing the benefits and drawbacks of doing new construction. In such a hot seller's market, have you thought about buying new construction? Today I’ll discuss the pros and cons you should consider when going this route. Pro...

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What Will the Real Estate Market Look like in 2022?

Here are three things you’re going to see in our real estate market this year. As we begin a new year, everyone is wondering what the market is going to look like throughout 2022. We don’t have a crystal ball, but we can certai...

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The Benefits of a Homestead Exemption

I explain what home exemptions are and how they can benefit you. Today I'll talk about homestead exemptions and what they mean for you as a homeowner. Homestead exemptions give you a discount on your property taxes. In Georgia, t...

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What the Zillow News Tells Us about Our Market

Here’s what the recent Zillow news means for Metro Atlanta’s market. Have you heard the recent news about Zillow’s iBuyer program? It could have a ripple effect on our real estate market, so let’s talk about it. Essenti...

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The Fees Involved with Purchasing in Georgia

Here’s what you need to know about additional fees you’ll face at closing. When purchasing a home, a lot of people think about just the down payment, but the cost of purchasing a home in Georgia is a lot more than just the down ...

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Buyers Shouldn’t Waive Contingencies

Here are three big mistakes buyers are making in this market. In this market, one of the biggest mistakes buyers are making is waiving all kinds of contingencies. Today we’ll go over three contingencies and why they’re important...

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The 7 Steps to Buying a Home in Atlanta

Here are all the steps of the home-buying process here in Atlanta. How do you buy a home in Atlanta? A lot of people ask this, but the steps are pretty simple: Find an agent you want to work with. Reach out to a local lender...

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The Best Deal in Today’s Market Is the Interest Rate

Take advantage of today’s historically low mortgage interest rates. Buyers are always looking for that great deal in the real estate market. Today buyers can get a 30-year conventional loan for just under 3%. We’re still experie...

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